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Picking a new show to watch can feel like slipping on it tinder. The more options we have, the harder it is to “settle”. As a media studies major (with a concentration in film and television), I’m basically your guru for your perfect match.

Here are my top 10 shows that have recently come out in the past two years that I think everyone would fall in love with. Whether you like comedy, drama, suspense, romance, and more, these shows have it all. I’m here to tell you that you’re swiping left on too many shows. Find your perfect match based on your major and don’t just review new girl for the thirteenth time. I mean, it’s like getting back together with your ex.

Only murders in the building (Hulu) Communications // Forensic Medicine

Although murder mysteries tend to lean on the dark and disturbing side of TV shows, this star-studded cast has the comedic chops and chemistry that make crime-solving hilarious. The plot consists of three strangers all living in the same apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The trio also share an obsession for a true crime podcast. Played by Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez, the gang decides to start their own podcast about the death of a man in the apartment building that police have deemed suicidal. They soon decide to investigate on their own and find more clues than they ever could have expected. This show is full of secrets, lies, and comedic twists.

The morning show (AppleTV) Journalism

For all fans of Office or Friends, this drama series may be for you. Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) presents the network’s most popular morning news show, the morning show, with Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell). After Mitch is fired due to a sexual assault scandal, Alex must keep the show alive while battling his rival, the young and progressive Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon). Besides its stellar cast, this series shines a light on the Me Too movement as well as the cutthroat reality of the network TV industry and its scandals. East The morning show a fictionalized adaptation of real stories such as NBC’s sexual assault scandal with Matt Lauer? Watch to find out.

wayne (Amazon Prime Video) Sociology // Education

This hidden gem on Amazon Prime is an action-comedy not to be missed. Wayne (Mark McKenna) is a “tougher than he looks” rebellious teenager who has made it his mission to retrieve his late father’s 1979 Trans Am with the help of his friend Del ( Ciara Bravo). From Brockton, Massachusetts to Ocala, Florida, this road trip is full of violence, laughter and of course, a great love story. Think Goodwill hunting meets Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The Boston accents are impeccable and perhaps one of the mainstays of this show.

Pam and Tommy (Hulu) cyber security

Based entirely on a true story, this biographical miniseries captures the very first celebrity sex tape. The tape was stolen from the home of iconic 90s married couple Tommy Lee (Sebastian Stan) of Motley Crüe and Baywatchby Pamela Anderson (Lily James), by their entrepreneur Rand Gauthier (Seth Rogen). James and Stan are unrecognizable in their transformations to become the celebrity couple. Stan replicated Lee’s body tattoos and James spent hours doing his hair and makeup every day applying prosthetic breasts, teeth and hair to look more like Anderson. Not only does this show recreate the nostalgia of the late 90s and early 2000s so well, but it also talks about what it’s like to expose your privacy to millions of people on the internet. Specifically, it tells the story of a woman who just wanted to be a respected actress against a man who is praised for being a reckless rock star.

Ted Lasso (AppleTV) Psychology // Sports Communication

If you want a sweet, funny and feel-good series, Ted Lasso is your show. The show follows Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), an American football coach hired to coach an English football team, despite having no experience in the sport of football. However, with Lasso’s charming, upbeat and humorous personality, he shows that coaching isn’t always about knowledge of the game, but about attitude, teamwork and camaraderie on and off the pitch. . Besides his funny and powerful performance by SNLby Jason Sudeikis, the show received critical acclaim for its writing, emotional themes, and uplifting tone. Not only will you get a laugh, but you’ll also get a deeper sense of the life lessons from each episode.

Succession (HBO Max) Business // Finance

Business degree or not, we all come from somewhat dysfunctional families. However, this billion dollar family makes any other household look like The Brady Group. In this satirical dark comedy-drama, the plot consists of the Roy family who own Waystar RoyCo, a global media and entertainment company. Logan Roy (Brian Cox) falls ill in the pilot, turning the rest of the season into a sibling fight over who’s next in line. While the subject matter might be dark and serious, it’s the cinematography – close-up close-ups, dramatic pans (think Office) – and the acting that makes this series a binge-worthy comedy.

To download (Amazon Prime Video) Computing

In this sci-fi comedy-drama, the year is 2033 and humans are able to “download” themselves into a virtual afterlife. When computer programmer Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell) dies, he is uploaded to Lake View where he is controlled by his lively, possessive girlfriend who paid for him to be uploaded. Nathan adjusts to the pros and cons of this digital sky utopia while bonding with his customer service representative, Nora. Nathan’s memories are somehow erased and Nora begins to wonder if his death was an accident or not. Fun fact: To download was filmed next door at New Paltz’s Mohonk Mountain House!

Research group (HBO Max) Philosophy

Research group is a comedy-drama that follows a group of college friends who become involved in the search for a missing young woman. This show is truly an enigma and difficult to describe because each of its five seasons is a completely different theme. Season 1 deals with a missing person, season 2 with a murder, season 3 with a trial, season 4 with a kidnapping and season 5 with a cult. The four main characters are perhaps the most entertaining and hysterical group of friends that will make you want to rewatch this show for the second time.

The boys (Amazon Prime Video) Public Relations // Political Science

What do you think the world would look like if superheroes were actually real? The show The boys tries to answer this question. We would of course dress them up and make capitalist gains by promoting their supernatural powers and using them in propaganda and militaristic warfare. From DC comics, The boys follows the story of the members of the Vought International-run “Seven” superhero group, who on the outside save the day and are loved by customers, but in reality are just superficial celebrities who abuse their powers and do horrible things in secret.

the after party (AppleTV) criminal justice

After famous actor/popstar Xander (Dave Franco) dies at his own party following his 15-year high school reunion, Detective Danner (Tiffany Haddish) interviews each guest as he recounts the night from his perspective. Each episode, being a callback to a different person, is presented in an entirely different genre: romance, action, suspense, musical, animation or drama. Once again, another incredible cast makes the murder mystery genre fun and addictive to watch. Special guest appearances include Channing Tatum, Will Forte and Jimmy Tatro. This thriller will have you guessing a new suspect at the end of each episode.

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