The Winter Soldier has a new role in the Outer Circle


The Winter Soldier recently got a seat at the Outer Circle table as the new revolution. Now this week Captain America and the Winter Soldier Special #1 (by Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Kev Walker, JP Mayer, KJ Diaz and VC’s Joe Caramagna), the origin of the Outer Circle is revealed, as Bucky gets details about its members and their roles as masters of the Century Game. Bucky’s attempt to destroy the organization from within failed with an assassination attempt gone wrong, and now he has to play along, but it may be more than he bargained for.

As the Winter Soldier and Starpoint Assassin of the Outer Circle, Bucky has committed atrocities against his will, but as the Revolution, he is in full control of his choices. Committed to eliminating those responsible for his use as a weapon, Bucky is determined to end the Outer Circle organization at all costs. However, this may lead to the biggest conflict he and Steve Rogers have ever had, which the rest of the Marvel Universe may not understand.

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Captain America’s Outer Circle is a Villainous Illuminati

The Winter Soldier and the Outer Circle

In the aftermath of World War I, the underground group called Outer Circle was formed by the power-hungry Fortunov. Along with three other players – Etienne Argent (the world’s first multi-billionaire), Ika Agboje (former head of Wakanda Engineering) and Ana (Europe’s most influential underground artist), Fortunov set out to control history through the implementation of their assassins called Starpoints in the Century Game. However, the group needed a fifth player to represent the ordinary working-class person who would be subjugated by the manipulation of the outer circle – a way to level the playing field. So Fortunov recruited a man by the name of Mr. Princip as Revolution.

After realizing that as the Winter Soldier he was one of the Outer Circle Starpoints, Bucky attempts to destroy the organization. However, his attempt fails, and instead he becomes the new Revolution and takes a seat at the table with the other members of the Outer Circle as they resume the Century Game. This decision has already cost Bucky dearly. In taking the title, he had to kill off the previous Revolution, resulting in the biggest fight yet between him and his best friend, Captain America. After realizing that the group was anticipating his motivation to join them, Bucky’s failed attempt at brute force took him away from his heroic status.

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Winter Soldier could become the most powerful player in the outer circle

The Winter Soldier Attacking the Outer Circle

Entering World War II, James Barnes was already a hero in the eyes of many, but above all his best friend. What happened to him during the war and becoming the Winter Soldier was something Bucky fought to recover from. The PTSD resulting from his transformation from hero to villain was something he was only able to overcome with the help of Steve and his allies. But he made one of the greatest comebacks in comic book history when he transformed the Winter Soldier’s identity from one of the most feared assassins into a hero. He eventually became Captain America in Steve Rogers’ absence, ultimately leading the Avengers to some of their greatest victories during Norman Osborn’s “Dark Reign” and during the Siege of Asgard.

But where Bucky is now is uncharted territory for the hero. He is in complete control, and yet he must make what seem to be questionable choices on the surface in order to serve what he sees as the greater good. He thinks joining the Outer Circle is the only way to eliminate them. And by becoming the Revolution, Bucky is now one of the most powerful people on the planet. It could certainly give him the means to destroy the group and end the manipulation of the Century Game once and for all, but the cost could sever his relationship with Rogers in a way that neither can return. However, knowing what Bucky has overcome to get to this point, and how tenacious and dedicated of a soldier he is, it’s more likely that the members of the outer circle are about to be played in a game whose none of them know the rules.

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