The purpose of the movie Circle and why it’s so important

The Circle is a fictional film from the Netflix horror series Archive 81. Here is an explanation of the purpose of the film and why it is so important.

The circle is a fictional film inside Netflix Archives 81 – but what was its purpose, and why was it so important? The found footage horror series – based on the eponymous podcast – follows video archivist Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie), as he uncovers the secrets of a centuries-old cult through the videotapes of Melody Pendras (Dina Shihabi ). The Circle is just one part of the mystery discovered by Dan. Here’s a breakdown of why a horror movie is so important to the Vos Society.

Archives 81 makes many references to great movies, but The circle is easily the most important of all. The circle is featured in the first episode of Archives 81 when Dan gets his hands on one of the few surviving examples. The film – made in 1958 by director William Crest – never aired, falling into obscurity and legend. Even a video archivist like Dan Turner struggled to get his hands on it – but no one was as desperate to get their hands on it as the mysterious Vos Society. At first glance, The circle Seems like nothing more than an old cult horror flick – and really, it is – but there’s much, much more behind it.


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Archives 81‘s Vos Society has no interest in The circle himself, but the snuff movie that inspired him. In Archives 81 season 1 episode 4, “Spirit Receivers”, Crest’s daughter and Melody’s roommate at the Visser, Evie Crest, explains that her father made the movie after witnessing a real snuff film at a bachelor party of boy. More importantly, the snuff film Crest had seen was an actual recording of a human sacrifice made by the Vos Society in their first attempt to bring the half-demon demigod, Kaelego, to our world. The film shows Iris Vos, the former Vos society matriarch, as she slits the throat of her maid, Rose, during the ceremony meant to unite the worlds. Although this ceremony failed, the images would become very important when the cult made its next attempt in 1994.

Archives 81 Sacrifice of Vos

Due to the nature of the source material, the Vos Company Archives 81 are clearly desperate to get their hands on it – they even set up a seance to talk to William Crest and work out his location. That’s because the snuff film helps their cause in two ways: the film provides instructions for a ritual that hasn’t happened since 1924, but it also thins the veil between the real world and the afterlife. . Bobbi, Melody’s mother and fellow countryman Baldung, reveals that playing the movie undoes the spell that keeps the door between the two worlds closed. Reading the pictures, there’s a chance they could open the door without a Baldung’s magic. Desperate to complete the ceremony during their window of opportunity, footage would have been key. Yet, for lack of the Baldung key, the ceremony still failed.

The images finally served their purpose, as they allowed Archives 81it’s up to Dan to enter the Otherworld and bring Melody home. There are many little bits of knowledge in Archives 81 which are finally bound together, and The circle initially appears to be nothing more than a small piece of Archives 81 universe. Yet an unassuming footage from 100 years ago becomes a vital part of saving Melody’s life – and, perhaps, preventing Kaelego from entering the real world.

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