Preiss Imports signs agreement with Full Circle Craft Distillers Co. of the Philippines and its Archipelago Spirits brand

RAMONA, Calif.— Preiss Imports, a third generation company specializing in international spirits and gourmet specialties, has signed an exclusive agreement to represent Archipelago spirits produced by Full Circle Craft Distillers Co. in the Philippines.

Co-founded in the Philippines in 2018 by husband and wife team Matthew and Laurie Westfall, Full Circle Craft Distillers Co. is a craft spirits producer that handcrafts gin and vodka at its state-of-the-art distillery in Calamba, Lagune. Authenticity, integrity, precision, craftsmanship and pride in the Philippines drive the exquisite products of Archipelago Spirits. Produced with German copper stills and driven by an uncompromising commitment to quality, Full Circle creates truly premium spirits using exotic botanicals from across the Philippine archipelago.

“Each Archipelago spirit is precision crafted using the finest local ingredients,” said Matthew Westfall, Chief Distiller at Full Circle. “We source these plants from across our archipelago, from farms in the highlands of the mighty northern Luzon Cordilleras to family plantations in Mindanao. Our goal is to showcase the wonderful range of exotic tropical plants that we source from small-scale farmers and share exquisite taste from the Philippines.

Archipelago Spirits offers or products in the United States:

ARC Botanical Gin: Crafted from a rare and wondrous blend of 28 exotic botanicals, 22 of which are harvested across the Philippines, this unfiltered spirit showcases native botanicals that include fresh pomelo, dalandan, calamansi, dayap, oranges, mango, Benguet pine, sampaguita, ylang-ylang and kamia flowers. 700ml, 45% alc/vol.

ARC Botanical Gin won Platinum honors at the 2021 SIP Awards, Gold at the 2021 LA Spirits Awards and “Category Best” and “Gold” at the 2019 World Gin Awards in London.

“ARC Gin is poised to be not only the finest gin in the Philippines, but also one of the most intriguing and sought-after gins in the world,” says K&L Wine Merchants, one of California’s leading spirits retailers. .

ARC Barrel Reserve Gin: rested in new American oak barrels with a medium long toast (Burgundy style). The toast allows the oak to impart a rich blend of aromas while adding intense complexity to the spirit. As it ages, this Barrel Reserve gin draws flavors from the oak, which includes aromas of vanilla bean, caramel, dark chocolate, toasted almond and hazelnut. 700ml, 45% alc/vol.

ARC Barrel Reserve Gin earned Platinum and Best in Class honors at the 2021 ASCOT Awards and Double Gold at the 2021 SIP Awards in California.

ARC Lava Rock Vodka: An extremely smooth, crisp and clean spirit that celebrates Full Circle Craft Distiller’s artisanal distillation processes. Distilled copper in small batches, Full Circle’s vodka is naturally filtered through lava rocks from the Taal and Mayon volcanoes. Crafted from a base derived from French whole-grain winter wheat, the spirit features a hint of minerality that celebrates the rich terroir of the Philippines. 700ml, 45% alc/vol.

ARC Lava Rock Vodka was honored with a double gold medal at the 2021 SIP Awards and a gold medal at the 2021 ASCOT Awards.

About Preiss Imports

Preiss Imports is a third generation company specializing in international wines, spirits, beers and gourmet specialties. With an unequivocal appreciation of provenance, tradition and history, Preiss Imports is poised to foster a new perspective and enjoy the more refined, artisanal side of life. HPS Epicurean was founded in 2012 by forty-two-year industry veteran Henry Preiss with his daughter Nicole Preiss. In 2016, the Preiss family bought the rights to the Preiss Imports name. Today, the company continues to build a platform that delivers iconic, brand-driven products to the US market.

About Full Circle Craft Distillers Co.

Full Circle Craft Distillers Co, the first authentic craft distillery in the Philippines, passionately produces award-winning artisan products at its state-of-the-art distillery located in Calamba, Laguna. The family distillery is committed to authentic, centuries-old distillation techniques and traditions. Full Circle’s spirits continue to win numerous accolades in international spirits competitions and are now the first Filipino spirits to enjoy the prospect of a nationwide rollout across the United States.

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