New Core Circle game mode with Evangelion’s 6th Angel and EVA-01, more supply crates and goodies

New Delhi: BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI), has announced a new limited time game mode inspired by the iconic and acclaimed anime series EVANGELION pitting players against its fearsome angel as part of the new version 2.0 update.
The new “Core Circle” game mode is coming to Livik and Erangel. Players can watch EVA-01face off against the 6th Angel of EVANGELION in a special event that runs from May 19 to June 19 in Erangel.

Players will start in a special shrunken blue area at the start of each match, as they witness the 6th Angel appear on Spawn Island by firing a powerful laser. Players can follow the action by finding EVA-01’s spawn point on the minimap and watching the angel’s deadly path forward.

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To defend the island, the fortresses will open fire on the Angel until he unleashes his force on them. Players can rummage through the chaos to grab better supplies after fortresses are destroyed and change the structure of fortress walls to suit their own battle plans.

In this mode, more supply crates are littered across the battlefield, including those that contain more valuable resources below ground level. There will be a limited-time respawn period near the start of the match where fallen teammates can return to the fold while retaining their weapons.

From May 14 through June 19, players will be able to pick up several new exclusive items from the EVANGELION collaboration, from iconic character plugsuits to themed armor and parachutes to backpacks. A special buddy will also land in the game that players can partner with.

Another exclusive EVA Discovery themed event is also coming to the game starting tomorrow until June 19, where players can play matches in classic mode to earn exploration progress, with an additional progression bonus available in gameplay. of Core Circle after May 19. Progress can be redeemed for limited-time Evangelion-themed rewards, and a special discount will be applied when upgrading certain collaboration items to permanent items.

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