Netflix’s best competing reality shows

Netflix is ​​no stranger to the rapid delivery of self-produced content. Let’s take a look at the best offers from Netflix Reality Competition.

It’s hard to believe that Netflix originally started out as a mail order video service, where customers could select movies and series online and rent them by mail. Today, hailed as the pioneer of online streaming, Netflix continues to dominate digital platforms with a wide range of self-produced and independent content.

Well stocked with an eclectic assortment of movies and shows, one of the most popular categories of content on Netflix is ​​reality TV – more specifically, reality. competitions. Netflix has aired a few popular competitive shows over the past few years; let’s take a look at them below.

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Soufflé Provides insight into a unique industry

Glass blowing is a real art. The attention to detail and precision required to make things as simple as a bowl or as complex as a candelabra is truly extraordinary, and Soufflé is the first show to truly delve into the glassblowing process with the added touch of competition. It’s fascinating to see the talented master glassblowers create beautiful pieces out of literal shards and sand, and there are plenty of biting moments throughout as the artists build their works in each challenge. For TV enthusiasts who crave high stakes competitions but also love art, Soufflé is definitely something to add to the Netflix queue.

Shine Changed the face of the beauty scene

Talented makeup artists, British humor and insane makeup? “Ding Dong!” Shine is Netflix’s makeup contest offering that has taken social media by storm. Not only are the cosmetic challenges of each episode unique, but they also provide a real insight into the professionals working in the beauty industry. Shine is also one of Netflix’s most inclusive reality shows. Showcasing a wide representation of diverse people from all walks of life, genders and sexualities, Shine produced both great makeup looks as well as meme-worthy content making it so much more than just a makeup show.

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The Big Flower Fight takes basic bouquets to new heights

Another UK offering offering pure entertainment in a unique competitive setting is The battle of the big flowers. Centered around talented florists creating incredible huge sculptures, this show truly lives up to its name. While horticulture may not be the first premise idea of ​​a reality contest, enough cannot be said about the massive size of nearly all of these sculptures; they are truly amazing. It’s interesting for television to see the architecture that goes into building these centerpieces and what it takes not only to create them, but to maintain them as well.

The circle Highlights how deceptive social media can be

This is seriously one of the craziest shows on TV. The circle (based on the UK version of the same name) describes itself as a ‘social media’ game, where participants fish for catfish, organize themselves and score each other in hopes of winning a cash prize. It’s a mildly sobering look at just how dangerous social media can be; prove that it’s important to make sure you know who you are really talk online because not everyone is who they say they are. However, The circle has so many wild twists and gung-ho contestants up for anything – and to be anybody – win, do The circle very addicting to watch.

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Delicious fool is a whimsical spin on food competitions

Delicious fool is a new take on a typical cooking competition, where chefs of varying skill levels create masterful dishes while working on a Garden of Eden-style edible set. Foodies’ goal is to elevate everyday meals and foods to an extraordinary scale to please judges – including everyone’s favorite original food queen, Carla Hall – who dress all in white and sit at the top of a staircase like gods in the heavens. Granted, the concept sounds like a food fever dream, but maybe that’s exactly what makes it so watchable.

Reality TV competitions have been a staple of television for decades. High energy, high stakes, these types of shows have an addictive and addicting quality that viewers cannot get enough of. In recent years, Netflix has rolled out some impressive – albeit sometimes niche – titles to help satisfy all fans of reality TV competition. From glassblowing and extreme sports, to metal forging and food documentaries, Netflix truly has something for everyone.

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