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Marist’s acceptance rate jumped from 42% to nearly 50%, similar to many other colleges at the start of Covid-19. Besides the increase in the Marist acceptance rate, the college faced a decline in student enrollment when accepted into the college. Many have postponed registration due to Covid restrictions.

“The inability of students and their families to visit campus during the pandemic has had a significant impact on their decision to apply and, if accepted, enroll in college,” said Sean Kaylor, vice- President of Registrations, Marketing and Communications. “When students visit Marist and experience the beauty of the campus, tour our state-of-the-art facilities, and meet the wonderful members of the community, it positively influences them in the college-finding process.”

To combat this challenge while allowing prospective students and families to see the school. They implemented guided walking and driving tours in the spring of 2020. “This new approach to visiting the campus allowed people to visit on their convenient schedules and get a sense of the campus while protecting the Marist community. of Covid,” Kaylor said.

The male-to-female ratio of Marists has always been slightly unequal, as the college is made up of around 60% women and just over 40% men.

“In recent years, we have introduced new academic offerings that statistically attract more men, such as cybersecurity and emerging gaming and media, although many women are involved and pursuing them,” Kaylor said.

Looking ahead, Kaylor expresses the college’s goal to increase its diversity and become more selective. “Our goal for the future is to attract more qualified and increasingly diverse students to apply to Marist from across the United States and abroad while working with the rest of the university community to identify ways to make Marist more affordable for those wishing to enroll.” Kaylor said.

Marist is hosting an In-Person Admissions Weekend on April 2-3 and April 9-10, for prospective students to make their choice to come to Marist a reality by May 1.

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