Man trolls the world with attempt to play Cheeky Circle on Google Street View


Ok, so I’ll go – if you’ve never heard of “The Circle Game”, I’ll explain it to you as best I can.

The rules of the game are quite simple: one person simply forms a ring or circle with their thumb and forefinger, before trying to trick another unsuspecting person into looking at him. If they are successful, the first person (let’s call them “the winner”) hits the other (“the loser”) as hard as possible on the arm with a closed fist.

Oh, and that only works if the circle is deployed below the waist.

So now we’re all on the same page, you might have noticed that people have tried to grab their friends in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways.

But this one surpasses them all – a sneaky LAD managed to cheat Google.

Okay, ok … the car from Google Street View. But still, Google anyway. And he probably doesn’t Actually deceive them; on the contrary, the driver had just had a busy day.

LAD is trolling us all with his attempt at Circle Game on Google Street View. Credit: LADbible

Taxi driver Kyle Hesketh, 29, was sitting in the car with his girlfriend when he saw an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

Kyle, from Ormskirk, West Lancs, told LADbible: “Basically I play ‘Circle Game‘ all the time. I was parked one afternoon and saw the car from Google Street Maps came to where I was parked.

“I was like, ‘I wonder if they’ll see this?’ So I did and he picked it up.

Kyle Hesketh played
Kyle Hesketh played “The Circle Game” against Google Street View and won … Credit: LADbible

“I play the game all the time with my pals, my brother, my girlfriend and my dad, much to their chagrin. I took the chance when I saw him drive.

“I did this in mid October this year and kept checking to see if I would be there then my girlfriend called me and it was put. “

Kyle Hesketh and his girlfriend he sat with when he played
Kyle Hesketh and his girlfriend he was sitting with when he played “The Circle Game” through his car window. Credit: LADbible

If you are wondering where this came from, 18 years ago there was an episode of Malcolm in the middle that aired – it was called “The Circle Game” and the rest seems to be history …

The brotherly play was revealed in the second series of the hit comedy, when the family eats at the table and Malcolm’s brother Reese knocks his fork off the table. When Malcolm bends down to pick it up, his older brother takes advantage and throws a punch.

Thankfully, no one was affected in Kyle’s case – but it’s pretty hilarious that it was uploaded to Google Street View. Good game.

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