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Kochi based teenage embroidery hoops made from yarn are the perfect gift

Custom embroidery hoops by Kochi-based Anjana Stanley take about a week to make

Birthdays, weddings or housewarmings, the big question that comes up again (and always) is “What to give?” Flowers, wine, cheese platter baskets, dishes – every possible idea from the settlement has been realized and dusted off. Perhaps that’s why Kochi-based Anjana Stanley’s embroidery hoops (starting at Rs 1,500) seem like a breath of fresh air. This writer first heard of Stanley when a friend in Mumbai commissioned an artwork. The results blew us away.

Stanley, who is all 18, took up embroidery during the pandemic. “My parents had trouble [to make ends meet] during the lockdown,” she says, “I wanted to help, but I didn’t know how. In the beginning, I made vintage books, denim bags and painted bottles. When his small business became a dormant success among friends and family, Stanley launched a professional account on Instagram and began working with various materials, including embroidery hoop art.

The company, Alora, makes cute embroidery hoops with dreamcatchers that can be given as wedding favors (either to the couple or as keepsakes to guests with a hand-embroidered calendar marking the special month and day) , as birthday gifts for loved ones, or even to your best friend to celebrate what you both share. All it needs is a photo of the people you want it to appear, some personal details, and the address you want it delivered to. She usually completes her project within a week.

Anjana Stanley
Anjana Stanley

One of his most memorable customers was a woman, who placed an order, but died days later in an accident. “I thought they would cancel the order,” she says, “but her fiancé asked us to send it anyway, because he knew how much she loved what I did and wanted this one as a keepsake. That’s when I started to take my job seriously.

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