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Harry Styles released his first single “As It Was” from his new album Harry’s house, which will be released on May 20 this year.

The release of this new single and the long-awaited album announcement comes more than two years after his second album, Thin line, has been freed. Fans quickly saw new Styles activity on the website YouAreHome.co where an animation of a door opens to a new design on a daily basis. A Twitter The page of the same name began tweeting short sentences where the lyrics to “As It Was” appeared ahead of its release. Speculation surrounding Styles’ new content was confirmed on March 23 when he announced the release of Harry’s house and finally the release of “As It Was” and its music video on April 1.

Fan theories started popping up after the release of “As It Was,” with many taking to social media to dissect the lyrics, analyze the music video, and piece together the clues Styles had dropped. In an interview with SiriusXM, Styles said his fans usually never overlook deliberately dropped clues, but will also find coincidences that weren’t intended. “Mostly they pick up pretty much everything, plus some hilarious coincidences that we never wanted to be,” Styles said.

In one such coincidence, fans began comparing the lyrics and music video for “As It Was” to the movie “The Matrix,” with its “red pill, blue pill” dilemma. The lyrics of the song “what kind of pills are you” along with the visual of Styles in a red suit with his counterpart in the video in a blue suit has fans speculating about the song’s deeper meaning. The Twitter thread created by @onlytheavocados that delves into this fan theory has gained over 7,000 likes and over a thousand retweets.

Theories about other songs included in the upcoming album have been fueled by hints left by the You Are Home website, Instagram page and Twitter feed. One of these clues refers to the Thin line album with the concept of an island called “Eroda” which appeared in the music video for Styles’ song “Adore You”, released in December 2019. The map of this fictional island appeared to be shown behind one of the doors of the You Are Home website and Instagram page on April 2, as well as a tweet the same day that reads “finding new ways and making new maps.” This led fans to believe that Eroda would make a comeback in Harry’s house.

Beyond any theories fans may have created, “As It Was” became a Guinness World Records-recognized record single and charted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for the past week. A TikTok trend where people post photos of themselves over the past few years to show how they’ve changed has only boosted the single’s popularity, with the song being used for videos more than 600,000 times.

In an interview published by Radio Hits on YouTube, Styles explains that “As It Was” was the last song written for the album which was originally intended to be a slower song. After working more on the song, “it kind of turned into this synth and it kind of took on new life,” Styles said.

As for Harry’s house overall, Styles explained that the concept evolved from the idea of ​​a literal home to “more of an internal journey to find a home and peace with yourself.” Styles said this album has some of the best content he’s ever written and he’s “really, really proud and [he’s] really excited to finally start sharing it with people.
Going forward, fans can look forward to what awaits them for the rest of Harry’s houseand can also see him appear in two new films, headlining the Coachella festival and starting the European leg of his Love On Tour world tour.

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