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The good news is that the Cleveland Museum of Art plans to bring back its popular Parade the Circle.

The bad news for residents of northeast Ohio, who often make a spring pilgrimage to the free event, is that they will have to wait a year for the Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans that parades around Wade Oval.

“Because of the pandemic, we had to kind of put Parade the Circle on hiatus,” said Stefanie Taub, director of community arts at CMA.

“While we originally planned to do it this year, we didn’t have enough time once we realized we could do something to get everything in place to the standards Cleveland has known. .”

Folks looking for a silver lining will find that in the unique summer arts festival: Dance With Giants, which runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on June 11 on Wade Oval.

CMA partners with University Circle Inc. to present the free, one-day festival of arts and crafts. In addition to music and food, large art installations and interactive art sculptures will dot the lawn for what amounts to a very Parade the Circle-like vibe.

“I’m so excited about this event,” Taub said. “It’s a bit of a mix, so we’ve got a lot of these art sculptures, and even some performing arts groups have made parade costumes to go around the oval. They’ll be performing sporadically and spontaneously. .

“What we’ve been able to do is support local artists by giving them the opportunity to build something special for this particular festival.”

Attendees can dance with magic mushrooms or take a photo with a giant inflatable pink robot puppy.

An artist – inspired by Albrecht Dürer’s “Rhinoceros” print in the CMA collection – creates a 10-foot-tall rolling rhino. The piece sits inside a 10-foot-tall wheel that moves on a printing press, allowing visitors to create their own commemorative poster.

“We also have a giant octopus inspired by an octopus mural here at the Community Art Center at Cleveland Museum Art,” Taub said. “Basically, it’s a 12-foot-tall, 15-foot-wide octopus that people can come and make a sucker out of the materials we’ll provide.

“They can attach the suction cup to the tentacles – which are made of pool noodles. This is another example of an art sculpture that is participatory and also shows a lot of movement. »

There will also be live music presented on the Kulas Community Stage, art projects and games presented in activity tents.

That said, Taub is excited about the expected return next year of Parade the Circle, which before the pandemic had more than 1,500 people in the parade with an estimated crowd of 75,000 visitors enjoying the magical experience.

“Parade the Circle absolutely returns on the second Saturday in June 2023,” Taub said. “We can’t wait.”

Summer Arts Festival: Dancing with Giants

Presenters: The Cleveland Museum of Art and University Circle Inc.

When: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. June 11

Where: Oval Wade, Cleveland.

Admission: Free.


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