Circle of metalheads in the festival pool


Bring Me The Horizon’s weekend festival experience in Malta’s Gianpula village kicked off yesterday (May 26), and it’s fair to say we’re feeling a little envious.

What could be better than bathing in the sun, listening to metal, surrounded by other people who also like to bathe in the sun and listen to metal? Not much, but where there are metalheads involved, you can always count things to take to the next level. And it turns out these Maltese steelworkers didn’t disappoint, as we just saw footage of them circling in a swimming pool. It will hurt in the morning!

In addition to pool parties, the event promises performances from Bullet For My Valentine, Beartooth, PVRIS, Motionless In White, Spiritbox, Nova Twins and Wargasm, among others. There are also club nights, boat parties and shows from Bring Me The Horizon themselves. So yeah, we’re pretty green right now.

In a video shared by Facedown, the alternative London club that throws parties at festivals, hordes of metal fans in skivvies can be spotted relaxing by the pool, while BMTH’s can you feel my heart plays through the sound system. Towards the back of the pool, however, are a slew of fans doing their best to circle the water, some leaping through the air and splashing. And no, it’s not some weird water aerobics session.

Check out the images below:

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As if it weren’t for excitement, during his DJ set, BMTH frontman Oli Sykes gave a world premiere to a brand new Horizon song, Strangers.

In the spirit of unity, the band also tries to teach the audience the lyrics, which read, “We’re just a room full of strangers / Looking for something to save us / Alone together”.


As for what’s on the program today (May 27), there will be performances by Static Dress, Malevolence, Motionless in White, While She Sleeps, Bullet For My Valentine and BMTH, and other DJ sets (including one from Spiritbox) in the evening.

The weekend will end on May 29.

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