Circle Of Confusion Selects 2022 Writer Discovery Fellows – Deadline

Talent management and production company Circle of Confusion has selected seven 2022 Writers Discovery Fellows, an initiative to mentor aspiring television and film writers.

From left to right: Eudie Pak, Tyler Medina-Minerva, Jasmine Ogunjimi and Mickey Falcone
Courtesy of Matt Verzola, Tyler Medina-Minerva, Ella SchaeferJasmine Ogunjimi,

They include Eudie Pak, Mickey Falcone, Philip Malaczewski, Jasmine Ogunjimi, Charles Xavier Kilborn, Pages Matam and Tyler Medina-Minerva.

The initiative was created to advance Circle of Confusion’s core mission of discovering and representing a diverse roster of talented writers, directors, actors, and creators.

Some of the 2021 Fellows have since been assigned to series in addition to finding representation with WME, Industry and Circle of Confusion.

“We are thrilled to welcome the second iteration of Fellows to our Circle of Confusion family, and to continue to nurture and help accelerate the contribution of diverse and talented voices to our industry,” said Lawrence Mattis, Circle partner. “The Fellowship was created to enrich both the professional lives of Fellows and the vibrant quality of the entertainment industry, and we are thrilled to help identify and promote the multivariate storytelling that comes from this partnership.”

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From left to right: Charles Xavier Kilborn, Philip Malaczewski and Pages Apado
Courtesy of Charles Xavier, Ryan Davis, Apado Pages

Below are brief biographies written by the Fellows about themselves:

Eudie Pak (her)
Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Pak is a Korean-American writer who was born and raised in the Deep South surrounded by religious fundamentalism, Disney World, and unsupervised horror movies. to this day, she doesn’t know what’s scarier. She channels her past experiences into writing dramas and comedies that explore the darker side of humanity, often laced with southern gothic elements. Although she currently resides in Los Angeles, she is a New Yorker at heart.

Mickey Falcone (he/they)
Hometown: New York, New York

Falcone is a queer Italian-American writer from New York City, currently living in the sprawling suburb of Los Angeles. In a very real and imaginative way, Mickey’s work explores themes of improbable bravery, the complexity of grief, and the sometimes paradoxical nature of God and religion. As a writer, filmmaker and student of the craft, Mickey seeks to create spaces of empathy, while elevating queer, trans and non-binary representation in order to shift the social perspective from pride to glory.

Philip Malaczewski (he/him)
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Malaczewski is from Northeast Philadelphia (yes, he’s “Phil from Philly”) and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s film studies program. He writes feature films and pilots with genres ranging from crime thrillers to horror to comedy. Her stories often feature LGBTQ+ and female protagonists and explore the thrills and guilty pleasures of gender convention from a queer perspective. He is a three-time winner of Best Television Pilot in the Greater Philadelphia Film Office’s Set In Philadelphia screenplay competition and currently resides in West Hollywood, California.

Jasmine Ogunjimi (her)
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Ogunjimi is a Nigerian-American professional athlete turned screenwriter and filmmaker from Chicago. Before she sold her soul to FinalDraft, you could see her playing basketball around the world, dancing for celebrities – though no one would ever believe her, and adding to her list of ways people mispronounce her name. She enjoys writing dramatic comedies that explore faith, sports, social institutions, and grounded characters dark enough to make Beverly Hills nervous.

Charles Xavier Kilborn (he/him) and Pages Matam (they/he)
Hometown: DC/Maryland via ATL & Yaoundé

Matam and Kilborn, a genderqueer and trans duo from the Beast-Coast known collectively as Chuck N’ P, are black film poets who create responsible art that lives beyond anti-black, anti-fat narratives , queerphobic and transphobic. Bonded by their love for expansive metaphors, being master stans of the land of Toph, and their experiences battling addiction on the Infinite Journey of Healing, they have become award-winning writers and performers who create dramas centered on the characters exploring the human condition through morbid absurdity, African-futurism and Hood mythology.

Tyler Medina-Minerva (he/him)
Hometown: Queens, New York

Hailing from Queens, New York, Medina-Minerva’s work concerns the struggles of strangers, in an unyielding effort to extend to them the empathy that would have been denied them elsewhere. To this end, he plans to write for film and television.

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