Asha Jadeja Announces Rajeev Circle History Scholars Program


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Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and philanthropist Asha Jadeja has started a unique program through her family foundation – the Motwani Jadeja Foundation – called the Rajeev Circle History Scholars (RCS) program.

Announcing the programme, Asha Jadeja said: “In the decades following independence, Indian historiography suffered from several drawbacks, many of which are rooted in ‘victorian-written history’, colonial narratives that distorted the depiction of real events to adapt to the grandeur of a dying imperialism. There is an urgent need for serious research that revisits these aspects of our past in a modern and contemporary context. And the Motwani Jadeja Foundation is proud to announce the Rajeev Circle History Scholars Program ( RCS) to support researchers in this field.

The RCS program is led by author and historian Dr. Vikram Sampath. Dr. Sampath is a Bangalore-based historian and author of six acclaimed books. He holds a doctorate in history and music from the University of Queensland, Australia, and was a senior researcher at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi. He is also an Aspen Global Leadership Fellow and Eisenhower Global Fellow 2021. An Engineer/Mathematician from BITS-Pilani and an MBA in Finance from SP Jain, Mumbai, Dr. Sampath is also a trained Carnatic singer. He established the Archive of Indian Music, India’s first digital sound archive for vintage recordings, and is the founder/director of the Bangalore Literature Festival, Indic Thoughts Festival and ‘ARTH – A Culture Fest’.

The Rajeev Circle History Scholars (RCS) program aims to foster scholarship and produce knowledge in the field of Indian historiography which is Indic in its perspective rather than hitherto colonial or ideological narrative and is devoid of empty jingoism , which is firmly based on the criteria of truthful representation and scientific research methodology and adheres to strict standards of evidence/data collection, hypothesis testing, critical thinking and critical analysis.

The program aims to publish high-quality, well-researched and accessible popular books on Indian history each year through the provision of a coveted scholarship awarded to eligible scholars.

The researchers who will be supported by the RCS program are Prof. VN Prabhakar (RCS Senior Fellow), Dr. Ankur Kakkar, Dr. Sreejit Datta, Aravindan Neelakandan, Aneesh Gokhale and Aabhas Maldahiyar (RCS Fellows). More details about the program and the scholarship recipients can be found at

The themes on which the history scholars of the Rajeev circle are selected are the history of ancient India, the history of medieval India, the history of modern India, the struggle for Indian freedom and the systems traditional Indian knowledge – in the fields of Indian sciences, mathematics, alchemy/metallurgy, Ayurveda, temple architecture. , textiles, rituals, Indian languages ​​and literature, performing and visual arts and classical languages ​​of India, etc., to name a few.

The Rajeev Circle History Scholars (RCS) program was established in memory of Asha’s late husband, Rajeev Motwani. A computer science professor at Stanford University, Motwani was also the author of Google’s algorithms and adviser to the company. Rajeev and Asha have invested in over 200 tech startups in Silicon Valley.

The Motwani Foundation has launched another program in his honor called Rajeev Circle Fellowships (RCF), which is an evolving network of entrepreneurs linked by a synergistic set of activities, vision, philosophy and aspirations.

Programs such as Rajeev Circle History Scholars (RCS) and Rajeev Circle Fellowships (RCF) are an ongoing effort by Asha Jadeja and the Motwani Jadeja Foundation to help grow India’s intellectual and entrepreneurial capital to increase India’s future through affirmative action for greater and exponential impact. More details about the Motwani Jadeja Foundation can be found at

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Asha Jadeja Announces Rajeev Circle History Scholars Program

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