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With the recent unfortunate news that Bassam Tariq has left Blade, I started to think about what directors could support while making a worthwhile project. The new online cinema Blade the films all had very good directors. Stephen Norrington, Guillermo Del Toro, and David S. Goyer all had the pleasure of directing Marvel’s vampire antihero. However, Feige wants a person of color in the director’s chair this time around. Of course, Ryan Coogler is everywhere Black Panther franchise as a director, so he came out. Who else could take such a fan-favorite franchise and crush the box office? Here are five directors who I think could helm the Blade franchise.

5. Gina Prince-Blythewood

Gina Prince-Blythewood recently directed The female king, which has grossed $38.4 million at the box office so far. It cost $50 million, so it will easily recoup the budget. The female king has 94% on Rotten Tomatoes and is a complete movie with thrilling action and acclaimed performances. These aspects lead me to believe that Prince-Blythewood would do wonders with a Blade movie, especially an R rated one. Whether The female king is any indicator she can make a hell of a movie.

4. Nia DaCosta

Nia DaCosta is director of Candyman & She's Made Box Office History |  IndieWire

Yes, I know she does Wonders. Listen to me, though. I think it would be even better for Blade. A vampire movie can be many things; action and horror being two of them. Nia DaCosta did an amazing job with candy man and got a wonderful performance from Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. She and Mahershala Ali would absolutely do wonders with Blade. There are many ways to approach the film, and I think DaCosta can be creative with any of them.

3. Gerard McMurray

The First Purge is a horror movie about being black in America |  IndieWire

Gerard McMurray, director of The first purge, delivered an action-packed movie with all the creepy stuff needed for a Blade movie. In fact, I was totally into Y’lan Noel’s game. Blade. It doesn’t matter who is playing Blade, McMurray has an understanding of camera angles, action, and how to keep an audience interested. McMurray would absolutely give us one of the best Blade movies we could hope for. He was slowly mastering the art of action film and I for one would love to see him direct Blade. I think he brings all the necessary intangibles to the director’s chair, and with Feige and company behind him, McMurray could create something special.

2. Antoine Fuqua

What I Learned as a Filmmaker: Antoine Fuqua - MovieMaker Magazine

An action movie legend. Antoine Fuqua who created some of the best action movies I have ever seen. Whether the lead role is Denzel Washington, Jake Gyllenhaal or Bruce Willis, it delivers. He’s made movies with some of Hollywood’s most sought-after talent, so I think Blade would be a walk in the park. No, he doesn’t have a background in horror movies, but he may pick it up as we go along. It’s more of an action movie, anyway. In all honesty, none of Blade movies hit hard in the horror department outside of Blade II, so he is safe. It’s fun to have a legendary director like Fuqua leading a legendary character like Blade.

1. Jordan Peele

I mean, at some point, he will come back, right? Once Upon a Time in Talks to Lead DC the flash a long time ago, but Jordan Peele has now said he doesn’t want to do CBM. what if Blade can he change his mind? This would be his chance to completely change the CBM game forever. Multiverse of Madness and night werewolf seem to have actually nailed horror in the MCU. Why not let Peele try it next? Just throw him a blank check and let him create. There are so many ways Peele can help Blade and the issues we heard about. Besides being an amazing director, he has three consecutive films with a minimum of 80% on Rotten Tomatoes. Why not?

So here is. My list of administrators who could take over Blade features a mix of young and experienced filmmakers. Some savvy people who understand what it takes to be successful in Hollywood, and would absolutely do wonders with Blade. Call Mr. Feige on the phone, and I’m sure he’ll get a name off that list in an instant.

What do you think? Is there anyone you would add to this list? If so, sound off in the comments below!


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